Commercial Services

Business Formation and Dissolution

Opening a business often represents the achievement of a longtime dream. At Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP, we represent businesses of various sizes and industries. Our commitment often begins with the proactive steps necessary to form your business whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability or corporation – small, medium or large.

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Commercial Transactions

Commercial transactions is generally defined as some sort of payment for a good or service. There are many forms of commercial transactions, including those that occur between two separate businesses, consumers and businesses, businesses and government entities and between internal divisions of a company to name a few. Commercial transactions can happen on a large scale or small scale. In short, commercial transactions are at the heart of doing business. Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP guides its clients beginning with the negotiation stage of a commercial transaction through its execution and post execution stages.

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Construction Transactions

Regardless of the type of project, Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating the various contracts involved in the construction process. We understand the importance of having the rights, responsibilities, and expectations defined up front to reduce risk during and after completion of your project. Our construction legal services covers the planning and design, bidding, contract negotiation, lien creation, construction documentation counseling and post–construction claims resolution.

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Real Estate/Land Use

The lawyers of Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP have the knowledge, expertise and experience to offer "full service" representation in the broad spectrum of real estate and land use matters.

The firm is able to guide a project from land acquisition and financing to the negotiation of construction contracts and ultimately the sale or leasing of the finished project. In the event that litigation should arise, Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP has experienced litigators ready and able to protect the interests of our clients in court.

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