Commercial Litigation

Class Action Defense

One of our clients with a top ten Fortune 500 Company once described his job as “overseeing the defense of claims that could potentially put us out of business”. Class action litigation has the potential of doing just that even to the largest and most profitable of companies.

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Commercial Lease Disputes

Resolving issues between landlords and tenants can be a complicated business with a delicate balance. Large investments of time and money have been committed by the landlord and tenant, so innovative thinking and cost-conscious tactics are required to resolve the dispute. The outcome of the dispute can have adverse financial affects that could far outlast the term of the lease. It is critical to obtain legal counsel and representation from a trusted and experienced law firm such as Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP.

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Construction and Mechanic Lien Disputes

Construction disputes are fairly common, and they vary in their nature, size, and complexity. Construction disputes can become very expensive – in terms of finances, personnel, time, and opportunity costs. We will help you analyze and investigate the problem and find efficient and effective solutions to resolve it.

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Consumer Litigation Defense

Businesses operate in an environment increasingly subject to opportunistic plaintiff lawyers seizing on technicalities in state and federal laws designed to provide protection to consumers from various lending and debt collection practices. Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP has defended businesses against consumer claims, negotiated settlements and defeated individual lawsuits and class actions by obtaining dismissals from the courts.

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Contract Disputes

Contracts are not made to be broken, but they often are due to a misunderstanding, a disputed interpretation, poorly written contracts, or a failure to fulfill the terms of the contract. Whether the dispute is in litigation or is still in a mediation, arbitration or negotiation phase, the guidance and protection of an experienced commercial lawyer is critical to safeguarding your best interests and business operations.

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