Commercial Lease Disputes

Resolving issues between landlords and tenants can be a complicated business with a delicate balance. Large investments of time and money have been committed by the landlord and tenant, so innovative thinking and cost-conscious tactics are required to resolve the dispute. The outcome of the dispute can have adverse financial affects that could far outlast the term of the lease. It is critical to obtain legal counsel and representation from a trusted and experienced law firm such as Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP.

We are committed to resolving disputes by means of well-structured agreements, but we are also capable of enforcing evictions, obtaining compensation for damaged property, pursuing breach of lease claims, enforcing rent collections and further litigation on behalf of both landlords and tenants.

It also helps to start with a good commercial lease agreement. Commercial lawyers who litigate commercial leases are in the best position to understand the legal risks and provide for those risks in the agreement. At Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP our attorneys understand commercial leases from the art of drafting to the skill of litigating them. Click to learn more about our Commercial Contract Services.

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