Contract Disputes

Contracts are not made to be broken, but they often are due to a misunderstanding, a disputed interpretation, poorly written contracts, or a failure to fulfill the terms of the contract. Whether the dispute is in litigation or is still in a mediation, arbitration or negotiation phase, the guidance and protection of an experienced commercial lawyer is critical to safeguarding your best interests and business operations.

Clayborne, Sabo & Wagner LLP can help you resolve contract disputes with proven techniques to protect your business and help facilitate growth following resolution. We also have the experience to bring your breach of contract claim or defend your business against a claimed breach of contract.

Our attorneys handle the full range of contract disputes, including:

  • Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Commercial Foreclosures
  • Service and Sales Contract Disputes
  • Breach of Dealership/Distributor Agreements
  • Breach of Consulting and Personal Service Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreement Disputes
  • Creditor Agreements
  • Indemnity Disputes
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Licensing Agreement Disputes
  • Unfair competition disputes
  • Tortious interference claims
  • Non-Compete Agreement, Non-Disclosure and Non-Solicitation Agreement Disputes
  • Trade Mark Litigation
  • Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Disputes
  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Real Estate and Development Disputes

We also offer contract drafting and business transaction services to help avoid disputes in the future.

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