Workers' Compensation

Regardless of the type of business in which you are involved, employers doing business in Illinois and Missouri face the risk of workers' compensation claims. The attorneys at Clayborne, Sabo, and Wagner have over 30 years’ experience handling workers’ compensation claims before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. Our attorneys have developed significant expertise in worker’s compensation litigation, handling cases from the time of the alleged injury through settlement conferences and arbitration to appeals in the Missouri and Illinois circuit and appellate courts.

We have successfully defended municipalities, utility companies, school districts, hospitals, trucking companies, transportation companies, and other employers in labor intensive jobs in cases involving complex medical issues, accident or occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment, alleged permanent total disability, temporary total disability issues, wage loss issues, and allegations of permanent partial disability.

Our attorneys take pride in their ability to provide thorough and complete analysis of every aspect of a workers’ compensation claim to the employer. From the beginning of the case, our evaluations discuss each and every matter the employer should consider, including investigation into the claim, medical treatment, medical evaluations and examinations, return-to-work programs, vocational rehabilitation, and employment issues. From initial evaluation through settlement negotiations and trials, our attorneys work hand-in-hand with employers to manage the claim and keep the employer’s exposure low.

Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP’s workers' compensation attorneys also counsel clients on preventative measures to mitigate their exposure to liability in Workers’ Compensation, as well as a myriad of other employment issues such as FMLA and ADA. We work with human resource departments to address other employment issues, such as negotiating the separation of an employee following their completion of treatment for alleged work-related accidents.

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