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Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator issues favorable decision for employer

An Arbitrator for the Illinois Workers’ Compensation issued a decision in favor of the employer represented by Attorney Jennifer Barbieri. Petitioner, a bakery worker for Respondent, claimed she sustained injuries to her low back during an unwitnessed lifting accident. Petitioner demanded that Respondent authorize surgery for her low back condition, pay almost three (3) years of TTD benefits, and pay disputed medical expenses. Respondent denied the claim with Ms. Barbieri arguing that Petitioner completely failed to prove that she sustained a work-related accident.

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Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission affirms favorable decision for employer

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission affirmed Arbitrator’s decision in favor of employer represented by Attorney Jennifer Barbieri. Petitioner, a custodian worker for Respondent for over 20 years, claimed he sustained injuries to his bilateral hands and arms as a result of his repetitive job activities. Petitioner demanded that Respondent authorize surgery for his carpal and cubital tunnel conditions. Respondent denied the claim with Ms. Barbieri arguing that Petitioner’s job duties were not repetitive and did not contribute to the development of Petitioner’s injuries. The Arbitrator agreed with Ms. Barbieri’s position and the evidence put forth on behalf of the employer in ruling that Petitioner failed to prove that he sustained a work-related accident and that he failed to prove that his current condition of ill-being was related to the alleged accident.

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Case against AmerenIP dismissed in Madison County, Illinois

An insurance subrogation lawsuit against AmerenIP to recover for property damage to an insured’s property was dismissed with prejudice by a Madison County judge based upon the AmerenIP tariff filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission. AmerenIP was represented by John Sabo of Clayborne, Sabo & Wagner LLP.

Jay Dowling named to State Utility Commission Practice Committee of EBA

Jay Dowling was named to the Energy Bar Association’s State Utility Commission Practice Committee. The Committee serves lawyers who focus their practices on energy regulatory cases that proceed before state regulatory commissions.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Affirms Favorable Employer Decision

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission affirmed Arbitrator’s decision in favor of employer represented by Attorney Jennifer Barbieri. Petitioner worked as a meter reader for a utility company. She sustained two (2) accidents, which resulted in injuries to her lower back. After years of treatment, Petitioner expressed a desire to undergo spinal surgery. The employer, relying on the opinions of its Section 12 examiner, denied that Petitioner’s current complaints were causally related to the two (2) accidents.

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Jennifer L. Barbieri Featured as "Emerging Lawyer"

Jennifer L Barbieri, Partner of Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner LLP, was recently featured as an “Emerging Lawyer” by Leading Lawyers, a division of Law Bulletin Publishing Company. Barbieri was recognized for her significant talent and aggressive representation in workers’ compensation and labor and employment litigation.

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Illinois Appellate Court Affirms Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission favorable decision for employer

Petitioner, a police officer, claimed injuries to his back, neck, knee, hip, and arm following two (2) different incidents, including an altercation with a suspect and a slip and fall. Petitioner’s treating physicians stated that all of the various injuries were caused and/or aggravated by these two (2) incidents. The orthopedic surgeons recommended evasive treatment, including pain management injections and surgical intervention on multiple body parts. Employer, represented by Jennifer Barbieri of Clayborne, Sabo, & Wagner, LLP, denied causal connection for these alleged injuries and treatments, in reliance upon its own experts’ opinions. The Arbitrator found that Petitioner did sustain injuries and/or aggravations of his pre-existing conditions and ordered Respondent to authorize all recommended treatment. Respondent appealed this decision.

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John Sabo becomes a member of the Federal Bar Association

John Sabo has joined the Federal Bar Association. He is admitted to practice in the Seventh and Eighth U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal and the Central and Southern U.S. District Courts of Illinois and the Eastern and Western U.S. District Courts of Missouri. Mr. Sabo has also been admitted pro hoc vice in U.S. District Courts in Arkansas and Iowa.

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